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Vintage Soviet USSR Mechanical Pencil rare design advertising Red Square Tower


This week I came across a very unusual vintage mechanical pencil design. It seems to advertise the Red Square Tower with the Red Star – Communist symbol in USSR for more than 70 years. In the middle of the pencil there is a miniature of the tower. Golden color with red star on top of it. Great looking piece of history. Pencil uses vintage standard 1.18mm leads, but I think today’s 1.00 mm will fit well enough. I doubt it was used for drafting or any engineer related routine. Its probably sold as a souvenir to Moscow city visitors. Manufactured at the famous SOYUZ factory based in Leningrad – the former name of St. Petersburg. Signed chromed steel clip. Great decoration to your desktop. It could be found for purchase on my web store at along with other vintage soviet fountain pens, vintage mechanical pencils and writing instruments. Enjoy it in your collection! More about the history of the writing instruments at this blog.


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