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Mechanical pencil, Lead Holder or Wooden pencil – witch one should I choose to use?

Mechanical pencil vs Lead Holder vs Wooden pencil – feature comparison guide.

Body shape – wooden pencil octagonal shape was introduced to prevent falling off the table. Round shaped pencils are still produced, mostly colored ones used for painting. Mechanical pencil clip serves the same purpose, as both octagon and round shaped ones are produced. Rubber grips are being added for additional convenience.

Sharpening – While wooden pencil would need a sharpener to maintain the line width, it still enjoys wide use. Mechanical pencil‘s lead width is fixed, but it could be a limitation too. Lead holders include a sharpener in most cases incorporated as a push button end. It allows more flexibility when choosing it’s use.

Lead hardness – fixed lead hardness of the wooden pencil graphite core leads to the necessity of carrying the full set, or at least several different pencils. Mechanical pencil easy lead replace makes it easier to change leads and carrying several lead boxes ensures full range of application. Lead holder is much like it.

Lead color – Red & Blue two color wooden pencils are great example of ingenious designed writing instruments. Simple enough, the only disadvantage I could think of is the doubled speed of length decrease when sharpening.

Pencil length – wooden pencil length decreases over time, so it’s kind of inconvenient to use after  certain number of sharpening procedures.

Grip –

Which ever you choose, make sure to test it’s full capabilities and let us know if we missed something.


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