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Hard Rubber Antique Fountain Pen Duragold Nib Review Part One


Hard Rubber Antique Fountain Pen Duragold Nib

At the last “Antiques Dealers Summit” in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria on May 1st 2014 there were a lot of vintage and antique fountain pens for sale or trade. Among all the “Parker”-s, “Senator”-s and other famous brands my luck led me to some quite unusual and rare examples of early pen manufacturers.

This lever filler hard rubber barrel and cap pen was sitting at the bottom of a carton box among some other interesting items, whose importance was discovered at a later stage of my journey through all the treasures at display.

When I asked the dealer to show me that pen, for my surprise the answer was: “Take the box and see if there is anything worth buying inside!”. Believe me, there was! And there was a lot! But first thing first. Took the pen in my hands and the first thought that came to me was: This is a real deal pen! Do not miss!

Antique Fountain Pen Lever Filler Hard Rubber Barrel & Cap

Antique Fountain Pen Lever Filler Hard Rubber Barrel & Cap

Wearing my “poker face” after couple of seconds of observation and while leaving it in the box negligently asked: “What’s it’s price, Sir?”. To my great surprise the answer was: “See if anything else in this box you are interested in and then we’ll negotiate the price!” It took me a second to believe what my ears just heard. And YES, the dealer was too busy talking to his neighbor to spare more time selling to his only customer at the moment. Sounds familiar? Just wait to read what happened later.  Part Two is coming and will be live tomorrow. See Ya!


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