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Hard Rubber Antique Fountain Pen Duragold Nib Review Part Two

And as we already know, at the last “Antiques Collectors and Dealers Summit” in Tarnovo I was able to spot and acquire some more vintage mechanical pencils for my collection. And not only that, but some really unusual and rare collectible fountain pens. Speaking of which, here’s what happened next:Image

Digging further in the box something like fountain pen spare parts caught my eye. Lifting it up from the box I noticed a barrel with no filling system whatsoever. “Poor guy, I thought! He actually brought that rubbish to the summit – it will scare off all his clients.” Here’s what it looked like:
Nice Red-Brown-Black marbled design hallmarked “MAURICE”. There was no evidence of any filling system and I assumed it was some obsolete part of a strange design pen. To my great surprise, after the event was over, at home, looking one more time at the pens I bought, something made me try to turn the barrel end. And “VOILA” – the magic happened. A section came from the inside of the barrel. Nib was missing, but what a pen! Retractable nib hidden inside the barrel… Great find! Image



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